Washing advice

The majority of Orrefors crystal glasses are machine washable; usually only glasses with special details and colours are not. That’s why we divide our glass series into three categories: dishwasher safe, machine wash with care and hand wash only.

Dishwasher safe series

Orrefors conducts scientific testing of glasses through 1,000 cycles. Only glasses that come through with minimal differences can be called dishwasher safe according to our extraordinarily high quality requirements. The tests use phosphate-free dishwasher detergent tablets at a concentration of 4 g/L, which represents the most common conditions in Swedish households.

“Machine wash with care” series

“With care” refers to the handling of the glasses, as they are very thin. We recommend dishwashers with rubber or plastic holders from wineglass stems to prevent vibration and bumping against other glasses. Modern phosphate-free dishwasher detergent with a rinse aid are ideal for our finest crystal glasses purchased after 1997, when we improved the recipe of our glass melt. The water temperature should not be too high: select the mild or environmental programme, which is a shorter programme that washes at about 50°C. Orrefors worked with the Swedish Glass Research Institute and the soap manufacturer Grumme to develop Grumme Dishwasher Detergent for optimal results. Otherwise we recommend Finish All in 1 Max and Yes Powerdrops. Glasses with metal features/decor/handles must be separated before washing.

handwash only series


Every time you wash Orrefors crystal glasses in an ASKO dishwasher, you are also nurturing an important piece of Swedish innovation. Orrefors and ASKO both have their roots firmly secured in the Scandinavian design tradition and both brands are represented the world over.

Our shared heritage, together with the fact that the Orrefors crystal glasses are washed every day in our dishwashers, has enabled us to embrace one another in a newly-established partnership. Together, we are developing washing advice, Orrefors crystal frit, ASKO:s dishwashers, the washing programme Delicate and the basket with Crystal Glass Care.

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