Orrefors recommends Asko

Every time you wash Orrefors crystal glasses in an ASKO dishwasher, you are also nurturing an important piece of Swedish innovation. Orrefors and ASKO both have their roots firmly secured in the Scandinavian design tradition and both brands are represented the world over.

Our shared heritage, together with the fact that the Orrefors crystal glasses are washed every day in our dishwashers, has enabled us to embrace one another in a newly-established partnership. Together, we are developing washing advice, Orrefors crystal frit, ASKO:s dishwashers, the washing programme Delicate and the basket with Crystal Glass Care.

From now on, it is actually safer to wash your sensitive crystal glasses in an ASKO than by hand.

One of the goals of this parnership is to finally put an end to the myth that crystal glasses cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher. That is true for some dishwashers but they certainly can in an ASKO. The secret is their sensitive washing procedure, which ensures that the water temperature increases gradually and then maintain the temperature evently with a difference of just +/- 1°C.

ASKO also have exclusive baskets with Crystal Glass Care, providing a safe and secure place for your favourite glasses with foldable and detachable wine glass holders. The glasses rest safely in the extra-deep steel-loops and are angled so that any residual mouisture disappears without leaving any unsightly marks behind. From now on, it is actually safer to wash your sensitive crystal glasses in an ASKO than by hand.


World leader in loading flexibility. ASKO design and manufacture premium quality dishwashers with a special Scandinavian touch for design and function. Since the establishment of ASKO, the goal has always been to manufacture kitchen appliances that will meet and often exceed the customer’s expectations for many years to come.

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