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The Orrefors Crystal Eye is an official accessory for Volvo XC90, S90 and V90 cars – a gearshift made of pure crystal. For the extended luxury edition of the Volvo XC90 Excellence, we’ve designed, hand-blown and hand-cut champagne glasses and drink holders of genuine crystal.

“Working with Orrefors is really exciting. The key to Volvo’s journey to the top is all the iconic elements of Scandinavian design, such as crystal. For me as a designer, it is a sheer joy to work with different materials and combine them with modern Scandinavian design in a high-tech premium environment.”

– Robin Page, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars

Working with the automotive industry requires a slew of ISO certifications, resistance to heat and cold, environmental friendliness and good working conditions. Orrefors is proud to live up to all those requirements.

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Reception desk for the post hotel in gothenburg

“We need a reception desk made out of crystal. Phone Orrefors!”
– Petter Stordalen, hotel tycoon, Nordic Choice Hotels

The job from Clarion and celebrity owner Petter Stordalen was to design a 12 m long reception desk made of crystal for the opening of the Clarion Post Hotel in the elegant old post office building on Drottningplatsen Square in Gothenburg. The aim was for the desk to be like a giant glittering diamond. Naturally, we at Orrefors turned to Lena Bergström, the designer of the glittering Carat series.

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Crystal bottles for Absolut VODKA

“The result was a fruitful collaboration between two strong Swedish brands, featured at the world’s most exclusive nightclubs and bars.”
– Purchaser, Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is known worldwide for the pared-down elegance of its bottle. So it was a particular honour when we at Orrefors were tasked with designing a larger model for Absolut Vodka. We designed the big bottles with an asymmetric shape and cut glass features for a striking, luxurious feel. The gigantic bottles with the Orrefors signum are now on display at exclusive nightclubs and bars in metropolises around the world.


SPORT & Arts award for Red Bull

“Red Bull gives you wings! To celebrate high-performing individuals, Red Bull sponsors an array of competitions and tournaments in both sports and the arts. That’s why we hired Orrefors to design an award that reflects the sparkling personalities of all our competitors.”

– Salesperson, Red Bull Sweden

Red Bull energy drink is popular among athletes, students and high-performing individuals. Thanks to Orrefors’ library of design proposals, access to an army of designers with various styles, and the company’s in-house production in Småland, we were able to maintain short lead times throughout the project. The results are just as sparkling and energetic as Red Bull requested.

With world-leading designers and our own production in Småland, Orrefors delivers unique objects made of crystal.

Gearshifts, bar counters, reception desks, statuettes, lamps and unique drinking vessels – all made of glittering crystal. The sky’s the limit for your company, your staff and your customers. Volvo Cars, Nordic Choice Hotels, Absolut Vodka and Red Bull are leading brands that daily embrace crystal experiences thanks to products from Orrefors.

But we don’t limit ourselves to world-leading brands – we’re happy to work for mid-size companies, institutions, museums, television companies, government agencies and organisations. Feel free to contact us for a consultation on what we can make for you.

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