– A series by Lena Bergström

Orrefors and Volvo Cars have joined forces to create an exclusive crystal collection. Created by Lena Bergström – one of Sweden’s most acclaimed designers – and Volvo Cars’ award-winning design team, this handmade crystal glassware represents the best of modern Scandinavian design.

“When I was growing up in the north of Sweden, we would go on walks in the woods and take food in small wooden boxes made of plaited birch bark, traditional to the area,” says Lena Bergström. “I used this distinctive diamond pattern as inspiration for the facets on these pieces.”

The clarity and sharpness of each piece owes much to the craftmanship of the Swedish glassmaker Orrefors. They also serve as a re ection of the clarity and precision of Volvo Cars’ design. This latest collection marks the continuation of a collaboration that rst brought these renowned Swedish companies together in the creation of the crystal gear selector in Volvo Cars’ Twin Engine hybrid models.

Lena Bergström

Lena Bergström is one of Sweden’s most award-winning and productive designers. Utility glass, art glass, lighting, textiles, jewellery and decoration of public spaces, such as the Orrefors Crystal Bar – nothing seems impossible for Lena.

With an infectious personality and love of the materials and craftsmanship, she approaches each assignment with the same energy. Lena’s visual vocabulary is like her: soft, hard, feminine, masculine, modern and beautiful – all at the same time. She always bases her work on the properties of the material and constantly tries to find new forms of expression in cooperation

with the skilled glassmakers at Orrefors. Lena values a votive produced in large numbers just as highly as limited-edition art glass. That’s why she is equally popular among utility glass buyers and art glass collectors.

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