– A series by Martti Rytkönen

The Peak series is designed for parties and frivolity. The glass is just as perfect for lively drinks, as a quiet drink in the bar and can be easily supplemented with the stylish coasters and straws. The designer Martti Rytkönen has been inspired by glacier peaks that reflect in the sparkling sea and the design meets the dramatic contrasts of nature in the big city pulse and lifestyle.

Martti Rytkönen

Martti Rytkönen (b. 1960) studied glass and ceramics at the College of Arts, Crafts and Design, although it was glass that captured his heart. The pure, clear crystal is his imaginative medium of choice, one which he cuts, etches, sandblasts and engraves to bring forth new graphical motives and effects. His motives are often narrative and full of humour.

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