– A series by Lisa Hilland

It is a universal truth that opposites attract and create harmony. Hot and cold, soft and hard, black and white. One needs the other to be whole. When designer Lisa Hilland was asked to design a vase for Orrefors, something that would be equally beautiful without flowers, she chose to use metal for contrast beside the exclusive crystal. Bloom is inspired by the organic shapes of nature, by flowers and leaves.

The new arrival to the series this year is a tall vase for cut flowers, a vase which can also be used for dried flowers or a simple branch from the garden. Like the short vase, this vase is equally beautiful with a lush bouquet or a simple ivy clipping. The vases are also lovely in their own right, with only the light playing in the crystal glass.

Lisa Hilland

Lisa Hilland (b. 1973) is a Swedish designer trained at St Martins College of Art and Design in London, something that has helped bring an international touch to her Scandinavian aesthetics. Her professional experience spans furniture and interior accessories design and prestigious brands like Gemla and Svenskt Tenn feature among her clients – and now so does Orrefors. Lisa has been awarded several prizes during her career, including the Lauritz Icon Award 2017 for the series ´Bow´ designed for Gemla.

“Design is all about feelings for me, communicating with another human through an object. The material is extremely important in this process as it creates curiosity and enhances the quality of the object.” Lisa is inspired by studying both shapes and phenomena in nature, as well as methods of production and artisanal handicraft and how they maximize the potential of a certain material. “When I design, I experiment with these aspects all the time or as I put it: I give an object a soul that can be loved.”

Her first encounter with the hot shop at Orrefors and the proud and skilled glass workers there made a strong impression on Lisa. ´Crystal glass is made by hand in the same way that generations have been making it for years. I have the deepest respect for this beautiful material and the accomplished artisanship behind every object. Together with Orrefors my aim is to continue to develop this tradition and illustrate the beauty of the crystal through genuine handicraft, skillful production techniques and great design.´


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