– A series by Erika Lagerbielke

No matter if you are looking for a more aromatic beer with clearer bitter notes, (Lager) a beer with milder carbonation and richer color (Pilsner), something with high content of hops and malt producing a lot of aroma and taste (IPA) or if you prefer great avour in rich and full body beers (Taster) we have the glass for you. Perfect gifts for beer lovers!

Erika Lagerbielke

Erika Lagerbielke (b. 1960) is a professor of glass design and has collaborated over thirty years with Orrefors. Erika has a sensual and stylish design style with a clear sense of material understanding. – I design for the senses, says Erika. The glass should highlight the drink, have a good balance and also be a delight to the eye. The range Intermezzo is one of her very first products and one of Orrefors best-selling stemware.

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