the sparkling devil 19 cl blue

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Gunnar Cyrén

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The Sparkling Devil

Design giant Gunnar Cyrén developed the snaps devils in connection with the launch of the new Nobel series in 1991. Despite the connection to Swedish tradition, the Nobel Foundation didn’t want to serve strong spirits at the banquet, so these clever little devils were not added to the series. Instead, the glasses became popular collector’s items among Swedes. After Gunnar’s passing in 2013, his sons found a large number of sketches, including the basis of Sparkling Devils.

Sparkling Devils is a new series of champagne glasses for truly festive occasions. The first ones were a pair that complement each other: Him and her. Yin and Yang. In the coming years, three more family members will be released to complete the series.

The new glasses have the same colourful, characteristic appearance as the popular snaps glasses and are real eye-catchers. They are also based on the same glass craft – each glass is mouth-blown in Kosta and handpainted with 22-carat genuine gold.

Sparkling Devils is a tribute to Gunnar Cyrén’s unique heritage and expression, but it is also an opportunity to share the glory of hand-crafted glass to new generations and collectors.

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