difference sweet 22cl (18cl)

Made in swedenHandmade in Sweden

Sweet wine offers a number of aromas from lateharvested grapes. Sauternes is the classic sweet wine produced from “noble rot” grapes, where the must is often allowed to ferment in a small oak vat providing the wine with added character. In the smell pallet you will find associations to honey, toffee, saffron and crème brûlée – in varying degrees depending on what stage of its development the wine finds itself. The long coupe in Difference Sweet immediately captures the entire bouquet and allows it to present itself in a way that exceeds all expectations.

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Erika Lagerbielke

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The same wine can smell, and therefore taste, completely different depending on which glass it is served in. Difference is the wine glass that intensifies the characteristics of the wine. Different glasses have been created for each type of taste, designed to optimally convey the aroma and taste of the drink. The series has been designed by Erika Lagerbielke in close cooperation with Bengt-Göran Kronstam, a wine writer. Select Primeur or Mature for red wines, Crisp or Fruit for whites and Sparkling and Sweet for sparkling and sweet wines respectively. Mature spirits brings out the many nuances of coloured spirits.

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