Orrefors at the Nobel Prize Banquet

Upon the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Nobel price, Orrefors and designer Gunnar Cyrén, were given the assignment to create a new stemware series for the Nobel foundation. The glasses, that are mouth blown and hand painted in green and gold, are now available as two kinds of wine glasses, a martini/champagne glass a beer glass and of course the characteristic shot devils. There is also a carafe to complete the series and help give your table setting a silver (golden) lining.

The glasses are made out of the finest crystal which, together with the golden stems, bestow a rolling and glittering shimmer to the table setting every year. For the Nobel Banquet, on December 10th each year, the Blue Hall in the Stockholm City Hall is set for no less than 1300 guests from all over the world.

In total, the Nobel dinnerware consists of about 7 000 pieces of porcelain, 5 000 glasses and 10000 pieces of cutlery. 63 tables are placed in the Blue Hall and it is said that 470 meters of the nest linen covers these 63 tables. Except for the beautiful glasses and porcelain the Blue Hall is also decorated with thousands of owers imported from San Remo, Italy, sin- ce that’s where Alfred Nobel lived until he passed away in 1896.